20/20 Vision: A Clear Eyed Gift Guide to the Finest Locally Made Kitchen & Tabletop Products

With all the turbulence and uncertainty of 2020, clarity has been in short supply. We can help with that. In this second installment of our Holiday Gift Guides, here is a clear-eyed focus on beautifully designed and crafted, sustainable, and locally made Kitchen & Tabletop products.

Left: Grain Bread Boards by Fire Road walk the line between kitchen decor and the perfect solution for keeping crumbs off your counter. Inspired by a trip to the South of France, this collection of breadboards has grooves carved into the wood to collect crumbs when cutting and serving bread. The grooves follow a path of simple repetition to create a harmonious graphic design that will elevate any kitchen. Available in round or baguette shapes in American Walnut or Maple.

Right: Tumblers from The Long Con are ideal for your favorite beverage on ice, or without. Each glass is made by hand, and designed to be unique. In collaboration with glassblower Alex Abajian, they developed a process that yields a slightly different form each time, using a mold and form making process. Also available in the collection is a Sipping Glass, a Water Glass, and a Pitcher.

Left: The Richmond Cup from Jered’s Pottery has a happy vertical form. The handle feels easy and comfortable in the fingers. Not only can it be used for coffee or tea, it can be used for desserts, yogurt, and even small soups. It holds eight ounces, with a little room for cream and sugar.

Right: Reusable Ebb Filters by GDS Cloth Goods produce high quality coffee whether you enjoy it bold & earthy or delicate & floral. Its US-grown organic cotton was developed to be just the right density for coffee filtration—dense enough to filter out most solids while loose enough to last over 100 uses. Available in a variety of sizes compatible with Hario V60, AeroPress, Chemex, Kalita Wave, No. 2, and No. 4 brewers.

Left: From Rough Linen, the Limited Edition Bella Linen Pinafore-Apron has a rounded neck, easy-scooped armholes (no binding!), and angled pockets. This feminine pinny can be your best friend when you are busy, kind to your shape, kind to your clothes. You may forget you have it on, but you won’t forget how it protects your clothes, pockets your goodies – you can even wipe your hands on it.

Right: The Vin One Bottle Wine Tote from Aplat is a double-layer organic cotton canvas tote that’s a great way to pack a bottle of your favorite wine for a picnic or party. The tote carries one bottle horizontally and has three side pockets to hold small cups, a cheese board, snack items, and accessories—everything you need to enjoy a beautiful day at the park or be the perfect hostess gift. It’s available with or without a cheese board.

Left: Striped Round Organizing Baskets from Woven Grey are great for showing off whatever is inside — on your dining table as a bread basket, coffee table for remotes, entry table for mail, and even dressing table for jewelry. They’re handcrafted from a heavy 100% natural cotton cord and sewn in a coiling method that results in a flexible textile that is stiff enough to hold its shape, and are available in three nesting sizes.

Right: Designer, artist, and ceramicist Tracey Kessler of TKID was inspired by the Japanese world-view of Wabi-sabi – finding beauty in the imperfect and impermanent – for this porcelain and burnished steel shallow bowl.

Left: The Produce Heirloom Wrap from Millie Lottie was inspired by cultures that carry food wrapped in cloth. Live a sustainable life with these reusable produce wraps, in light natural canvas with indigo trim. Keep these wraps handy for any trip to the market. The easy-tie wrap protects your produce and makes a handle to transport easily.

Right: The Fold Apron by GDS Cloth Goods gets its name from the fact that it’s made from one, uncut piece of fabric and is then folded to create deeply useful pockets. It’s made from recycled cotton denim so you can be at ease knowing that you look great and are in line with your values when you cook or brew with all the tastiest, most well-sourced ingredients! Plus, 3% of this purchase goes to an organization fighting for justice.

Left: Whether serving water or displaying flowers, the Large Pitcher in Aqua and Barley from Heath Ceramics makes a beautiful addition to any table. The pitcher features Heath’s signature wiped edge, which extends across its charming half-moon spout. Matte on the outside and glossy on the inside, a soft gradient of Aqua and Barley plays with color and perspective both up close and afar.

Right: The Square Self-Watering Seed Tray from Orta works for any type of seed, from veggies and herbs to annual and perennial flowers. No more guesswork! With Orta pots, you can’t over-water and you can’t under-water. All you do is fill the reservoir once a week and your seedlings get exactly the moisture they need.

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