Bay Area Made at The Rake: A Locally Crafted Lifestyle

We have an abundance of talented designers and makers in our Bay Area Made community whose creations include high-quality food, beverages, clothing, accessories, jewelry, body, home, and garden products. To amplify our makers and our community, and to inspire you to buy locally, we curated a first of its kind environment showcasing all locally made products, how they can work together, and how you can live with them. This is what “A Locally Crafted Lifestyle” looks like.

The setting is Bay Area Made member Admiral Maltings’ beautiful pub, The Rake, located inside their 20,000 square-foot building on the former Alameda Naval Base that was originally a World War II-era naval dry goods facility.

Founded in 2017, Admiral Maltings is California’s first new barley malting operation of the modern era. They employ the age-old art of traditional floor malting to turn sustainably grown grain from Northern California farmers into quality malt – the foundation of beer. They are leading the movement in California to build quality beers and spirits around fresh, local, sustainable malt. Chances are your favorite locally crafted beer or spirit was made with Admiral malt.

Their pub, The Rake, serves beers and spirits made with Admiral malt. The high-ceilinged space has a warm and refined industrial aesthetic with plaster walls, concrete floors, rustic wood, tile, pegboard, blackened and galvanized steel, and custom light fixtures – created by a talented team of Bay Area architects, designers, builders, and craftsmen.

Above Images: Gromeo Mini Living Wall System by Habitat Horticulture; Telescoping Swing Arm Table Lamp by Phoenix Day Lighting; Zenith Home Office Desk in Beech and Allium Chair in Beech & Leather by Model No; Cushions in Gray Flannel and Dark Gray Linen by Faunamade; Wool & Silk Fiber Basket by Tracey Kessler of TKID; Green Terrazzo Pattern Spiral Notebook by Leora Lutz of Glossary Syndicate; Juniper Spruce Beeswax Candle and Vanilla Mint Shea Butter & Almond Lip Balm by Heliotrope; Spruce & Fir Aromatic Mist by Tonic; Blown Glass & Woven Ceramic Vase by Skinny Ceramics; Plaza Tray, Studio Mug, and Matchstick Holder by Heath Ceramics; Wood & Brass Pen with Walnut Case by Bespoke Watch Projects; Classic Leather & Brass Key Fob, Leather Card Wallet, and Simple Leather Bracelets by Claflin, Thayer & Co; Cotton Face Mask in Olive by Aplat; Tea Tree + Aloe Hand Sanitizer by Earth Tu Face; Fairfax Mini Tote in Olive 100% Cotton Duck by Equipe.

The story we’re telling is of a community of local makers coming together to create a holistic environment where everything is made in the Bay Area – “A Locally Crafted Lifestyle”.

We worked with San Francisco-based photographer and stylist Nicola Parisi to create vignettes throughout the handsome space with goods by forty Bay Area Made member companies – showcasing their wide range of outstanding products, and how they can be used together.

Above Images: Intaglio 36 Midsize Watch by Bespoke Watch Projects; Classic Leather & Brass Key Fob and Leather Card Wallet by Claflin, Thayer & Co; Plaza Tray and Espresso Cup & Saucer by Heath Ceramics; Guatemala El Injerto Espresso from Linea Coffee; Blown Glass & Woven Ceramic Vase by Skinny Ceramics.

“. . . where we make our products matters, a lot. Studies have shown the considerable environmental, economic and social advantages that come with making and buying products locally.”

Above Images: Linoleum & Multiply Plywood Coffee Table, Whitewashed Fir Plywood Console/Bookcase, and Reclaimed Industrial Felt Stools by Jason Lees Design; Stonehenge Floor Lamp by Phoenix Day Lighting; Pet Basket Bed with Heavyweight Cotton/Linen Canvas by Faunamade; Elaine’s Chair in Walnut & Sheep Fleece and Cosmos Stool in Walnut by The Long Con; Three Porcelain Vessels by Lisa Fleming Ceramics; Elio Cast Resin Table Lamp by Soft Geometry; Big Sur Cotton Rope Floor Basket by Woven Grey; Ceramic Woven Sphere by Skinny Ceramics; Found Rope Bowl by Tracey Kessler of TKID;
Ice Breaker Platter by Jered’s Pottery; Sloe Gin from Spirits Work Distillery; Sipping/Wine Glass by The Long Con; Manchester Ridge Pinot Noir from Poe Wines; Canvas Track Jacket & Mask by Kali Made Garments; Handwoven Merino Wool Scarf by Selkie Scarves; Japanese Denim Supertote by Equipe; Basketpod Sculpture by Gina Telcocci; Ceramic Djinn Jar in Fire Grey by Jered’s Pottery; 3D Printed Plant-Based Resin Vase by Model No; Fiber Wall Sculpture by Susan Wise.

Above: Knot Everyday Top in Liberty London Print and Let’s Face It Indigo Hemp Denim Mask by Amy Kuschel; Quiver Cross-Body/Shoulder Leather Bag by Town & Country Mouse Design; Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm by Earth Tu Face; Brass & Artists’ Grade Polymer Clay XL Rain Chain Earrings by Clouds & Ladders; Ceramic Plate by Tracey Kessler of TKID; Monterey Woven Cotton Cord Striped Storage Bowl by Woven Grey; Linoleum & Multiply Plywood Coffee Table by Jason Lees Design.

We’re thrilled with the resulting images, but it’s about much more than pretty pictures. From the setting that plays a key role in the local craft brewing and distilling scene, to the quality products showcased, everything was created by local makers driven by values including craft, community, innovation, social justice and sustainability.

Above Images: Red Lager Beer from East Brother Beer Company; Manchester Ridge Pinot Noir from Poe Wines; Berry Olive Salad Dressing from Farmhouse Lab; California Line Charger Plate, Renee Bowl, and Olive Dish by Jered’s Pottery; Sipping/Wine Glasses, Water/Beer Glasses, and Solid Brass Candleholder by The Long Con; Grain Bread Board in Maple by Fire Road; Spicy Red Napa Cabbage Kimchi from Sinto Gourmet.

Above: Plat Culinary Dish Tote by Aplat; Large Serving Bowl by Heath Ceramics; Blown Glass Pitcher and Amber Glass Sculpture by Skinny Ceramics.
Above Images: Terracotta Platter by Tracey Kessler of TKID; California Line Sonja Bowl by Jered’s Pottery; Tumbler by The Long Con; Blood Orange Apertif from Mommenpop; Chocolate Alfajores Cookies and Cardamon Pistacio Chocolate Bark by Wooden Table Baking Co.

Above: Ceramic Bowl & Plate by Tracey Kessler of TKID; Blown Glass Pitcher by Skinny Ceramics; Sipping/Wine Glasses by The Long Con.

Above: Yerba Santa Botanical Tea by Juniper Ridge; Teapot & Cups in Light Gray Whale Gradient by Heath Ceramics; Porcelain Plate & Bowl by Tracey Kessler of TKID; Alfajores Cookies, Chocolate Truffles, and Bocaditos Marroc from Wooden Table Baking Co.
Above Images: Stanyan Bar Stools by Fyrn; Chore Coat by Claflin, Thayer & Co; Manila Envelope Leather Bag by Town & Country Mouse Design; Oatmeal Stout & Bo Pils from East Brother Beer Company; Water/Beer Glasses by The Long Con

From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to the body products we use, to the items we furnish our homes with, what we make matters. Who makes it, how it’s made, and what ingredients are used, matter.

Additionally, where we make our products matters, a lot. Studies have shown the considerable environmental, economic and social advantages that come with making and buying products locally. The pandemic has brought this into even sharper focus, and increased the level of urgency.

Our Bay Area Made community includes makers across industries and the region ranging from established and iconic brands, to new and up and comers making their mark. Whether using time honored or cutting edge techniques and materials, or a combination of the two, creating quality, useful, and lasting products is of paramount importance. We hope you will support them by living “A Locally Crafted Lifestyle”.

Above Images: Palate Marble & Walnut Serving Board and Join Marble & Walnut Coasters + Trivet by Fire Road; Water/Beer Glasses by The Long Con; Grapefruit Apertif from Mommenpop; Terroir Gin, Bruto Americano Liqueur, and California Citrus Vodka from St. George Spirits

Above: Mango Ginger Shea Butter & Almond Lip Balm by Heliotrope; Geranium & Vetiver Skin Stick and Calendula + Carrot Exfoliant Powder Mask by Earth Tu Face; Desert Cedar Cologne by Juniper Ridge; Brass & Artists’ Grade Polymer Clay Sun & Moon Earrings by Clouds & Ladders; Rose Clay Soap by Heavenly Soap Company; “Giraffe Beach Towel” print by Susan R. Kirshenbaum; Plaza Tray, Condiment Tray, and Tall Tumbler by Heath Ceramics.
Above Images: Natural Cold-Process Soaps by Tonic; Rose Clay Soap and Lavender Sage Dead Sea Bath Salt by Heavenly Soap Company.

Above: Sierra Forest Essential Oil, Redwood Mist Room Spray, and Coastal Pine Body Oil by Juniper Ridge; Sea Salt + Organic Oils Salt Scrub and Rose + Aloe Toning Mist by Earth Tu Face; Bay Laurel Body Lotion and Spruce & Fir Aromatic Mist by Tonic; Fragrance Free Moisturizing Hand Soap by Heliotrope.

The Rake Pub at Admiral Maltings, 651 W. Tower Ave., Alameda CA

Photoshoot credits:

Photography by Nicola Parisi
Styling by Nicola Parisi and Jason Lees
Curated by Jason Lees

Admiral Maltings/The Rake credits:

Architecture by Allied Architecture + Design
Interior Design & Branding by Gamut
Fixture Design & Fabrication by bcooperative

Participating Bay Area Made member companies:

Amy Kuschel
Bespoke Watch Projects
Claflin, Thayer & Co.
Clouds & Ladders
Earth Tu Face
East Brother Beer Co.
Farmhouse Lab
Fire Road
Habitat Horticulture
Heath Ceramics
Heavenly Soap Company
Jason Lees Design
Jered’s Pottery
Juniper Ridge
Kali Made Garments
Leora Lutz of Glossary Syndicate
Linea Coffee
Lisa Fleming Ceramics
Model No.
Phoenix Day Lighting
Poe Wines
Selkie Scarves
Sinto Gourmet
Skinny Ceramics
Soft Geometry
Spirit Works Distillery
St. George Spirits
Susan R. Kirshenbaum
The Long Con
Town & Country Mouse Design/Gina Telcocci
Tracey Kessler of TKID
Wooden Table Baking Co.
Woven Grey

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