Bay Area Made Mix v.4: A Playlist Inspired by Sylvester’s 1979 Visionary Made-in-the-Bay Electro Disco Track “I Need Somebody To Love Tonight”

By any measure 2020 has been a rough year. In times of distress music can be a healing force, a salve to help us get through the tough times and remain hopeful. With this in mind, for this playlist we were inspired by Bay Area disco superstar and LGBTQ pioneer Sylvester’s visionary electro disco track “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”.

Created in collaboration with San Francisco synth wizard and electronic music genius Patrick Cowley, it was written and performed by Bay Area artists, in the Bay Area, for a Bay Area label – Berkeley’s legendary Fantasy Records. It’s a true Bay Area Made original.

Recorded in 1979 at the tail end of the disco era, it’s an innovative track with an incredible lurching groove that’s more toned down than Sylvester’s famous disco anthems. Its repetitive synth-bass line and spacey sound effects pointed the way forward to New Wave and Electronica on the horizon.

Sylvester’s aching, longing vocals express a yearning for connection and human contact that resonates in these times of isolation and uncertainty. It’s sad, yet hopeful.

Check it out along with Patrick Cowley’s instrumental demo version “Somebody to Love Tonight” and a playlist inspired by them. Melancholy tunes with a groove that will make you move and help soothe the 2020 blues.

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