“Small Batch & Made to Order” Exhibit: Community

We had a great turnout for our “Small Batch & Made to Order” exhibit at Arion Press for San Francisco Design Week in June. After being cooped up for so long, it was wonderful to actually meet and talk to the designers, architects, artists, makers, design students, and people interested in quality locally made goods that attended.

What really stood out was how engaged the attendees were. Most of them carefully studied the products and the descriptions of how they were made, working their way through the exhibit and staying for a very long time. Many were surprised and delighted by the wide range and high quality of products made in the Bay Area.

Here at Bay Area Made we’re all about creating community and highlighting why WHAT WE MAKE locally and HOW WE MAKE IT, really does matter! Below are some images of that process in action.

Click here to learn more about the exhibit.

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