In the Pink: High Quality, Locally Crafted Goods for Better Health and Spirits

The phrase “in the pink” means to be in very good health and spirits. Needless to say, recently that’s been harder than usual to achieve. So for this guide we feature high quality, locally crafted goods for giving and celebrating Mother’s Day that are sure to raise spirits and boost the health of our bodies, our emotions, our homes, our communities, and our planet – and get us closer to the pink.

Left: Inspired by the circular quality of ecosystems and the healing powers of plants, Earth Tu Face is herbalist formulated skincare with sustainable packaging and the very best whole botanicals. Shown are their Exfoliant Powder Mask and Honey Mask, and botanical lip balms and perfumes packaged in precious seashell compacts.

Right: Rose Clay Himalayan Pink Salt Soap from Heavenly Soap Company is mild enough for all skin types. The fine clay powder polishes and moisturizes, leaving skin clean and soft. Rose Clay has powerful absorptive properties to alleviate skin of impurities. This soap is unscented, although the naturally nutty sweet almond oil may lend some aroma to the finished soap.

Left: The ombré design’s faded effect on this cake by Butter& has a mysteriously calming effect on all who behold it. Not recommended for those who prefer to feel anxious. Available in a choice of flavors on light brown sugar cake, you can personalize your design with a script on the side.

Right: The hand-cast Gola Candles from soft-geometry are available in a variety of shapes in white or a palette of soft pastel colors.

Left: Rated 95 points by Wine Enthusiast, Mommenpop Grapefruit aperitif is zippy and prickling with notes of fresh grapefruit rind. You drink it feeling like the day is just endless. Made with freshly picked Oro Blanco grapefruits, imparting a zesty, floral, barely-bitter mouthfeel. An approachable, easy-drinking aperitif.

Right: Just Pomegranate Molasses from Just Date Syrup is the first of its kind – organic and free of refined sugar and additives. They carefully reduce fresh pomegranate juice down to concentrate its rich flavor, and add a touch of medjool dates for sweetness. Pomegranate molasses has been a staple in kitchens for centuries, and it will be in yours, too. Try it in cocktails, salad dressings (with olive oil and a pinch of salt!), marinades, braises, or just a drizzle on almond butter toast. It packs a punch of flavor and nutrients with a low glycemic index, potassium, and polyphenol antioxidants.

Left: The Pretty Pink Long Leather Tote Bag 68 from MONOLISA is made of beautiful soft pink leather. The body is designed with a single piece of leather, resulting in a seamless and sophisticated style. It comes with a matching removable strap holder that opens and shuts via snap, and a cotton dust bag.

Right: From Stella Fluorescent, the Sea Rope Collar features a thick, hand braided rope made with botanically dyed silk strands and bronze or sterling silver end caps. Shown with the hand forged brass and hand painted Demi Dome Ring.

Left: Argentinean-style alfajores cookies from Wooden Table Baking Co are now available in uber-trendy Ube (purple yam originally from the Philippines) flavor!

Right: The Mother’s Day Collection Edible Chocolate Box from Charles Chocolates has a beautiful pink flower motif on the lid and is filled with peanut butterflies, milk chocolate caramels and Fleur de Sel caramels. When the chocolates are gone, you’ll still have the box to keep – or devour.

Left: The Pink Iceland Poppy Paper Cut from Molly M Designs is available in 16×20 or 18×24 sizes, framed with a beveled natural wood frame, or unframed.

Right: The Modern Minimal Totem Talisman Pink Notebook from Glossary Syndicate features a high-resolution image of a handmade analog paper collage from art and lifestyle magazines by artist Leora Lutz. Measuring 6” x 8”, it has a sturdy, heavy-weight front and back cover, a pouch, and 118 lined pages excellent for a pencil, and ballpoint or gel pens.

Left: The Rose Room Diffuser from elizabethW is a sophisticated, environmentally friendly way to diffuse long-lasting fragrance into your home. Hand-blended in small batches, this low-VOC diffuser and its letterpress packaging are crafted in the elizabethW studio. It makes a superb gift to decorate and personalize the home.

Right: A bouquet of vibrant, colorful blooms decorates the Fleur Accent Pillow from Bella Notte Linens. Printed on luminous silk charmeuse, this jewel-toned pillow is perfect for layering into your home sanctuary.

Left: From Laromatica, limited edition Pink Honeysuckle Perfume is vegan and cruelty-free. The scent is akin to a tuberose lei, layered over an orchard of orange blossoms and white lilies.

Right: The Coastal Pine Candle from Juniper Ridge illuminates your home with fragrances reminiscent of the fog-drenched coastal forests of California and Cascadia, where Coastal Pine and Cascade Fir form a canopy over the ferns and lichens that carpet the ground. Made with their signature essential oils, steam-distilled from wild-harvested and up-cycled plants, the Coastal Pine Candle creates a warm glow and cozy ambiance. When you can’t get out there, bring nature home.

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