Topology provides individuals with the clearest vision possible. We do this using advanced digital tools that deliver a tailored eyewear solution. We’ve compiled all of our tools into our Touchless Optical Platform, which services both optical practices and individual consumers.

Our retailer platform enables opticians to serve patients more efficiently and effectively by combining 3D digital optical measurements with advanced virtual try-on. In addition to optimizing the in-store experience, we also enable retailers to serve their patients remotely—from initial scan, to try-on, to delivery.

For consumers, our app offers a brand new way to shop for eyewear. Advanced digital scanning and try-on provide a more convenient shopping experience—either in-store or at-home.

In addition to offering a retailer’s stock inventory in our virtual try-on, Topology has offered custom-tailored and manufactured eyewear from our very beginning. Individuals can choose any of our styles in any color, with a guaranteed perfect fit.