glossary syndicate

Glossary syndicate collage and workbooks is a creative reuse and eco-mindful art practice, blending analog + digital, and handmade + machine-made.

We use post-consumer waste, junk mail or trash; but we also create through digital made-to-order companies who employ people, offer us low-inventory, and use a semi-low carbon footprint (West Coast & US).

More importantly, these things are made for you – as tools, relics and collections for a meaningful life.

Leora Lutz started “glossary syndicate” as an imprint of a conceptual art review magazine she founded called Glossary. Glossary syndicate is part of the Product Project series (products developed as projects).

Lutz is deeply invested in the ways people understand and relate to each other, and to the objects around them. Since 1992, she has been making conceptual art objects and installations, as well as useful things. Her work has been shown at Angel Island, The Palm Springs Art Museum, LAMoCA, and the US Embassy in Belgrade.