Aplat Inc

Founding Member

Aplat zero waste collection of functional yet aspirational products will enable you to celebrate joy in everyday living and sharing – through food, wine, home, and garden. Inspired by Joie de Vivre, Aplat celebrates the culture of family and friendship, where socializing is more than a verb; it’s a life philosophy, and where generosity is a daily ritual. Founder Shujan Bertrand created the company in homage to her husband’s family lifestyle in France, which involves rituals of sharing locally farmed food and wine. She based her designs on an origami principle of pure squares, each pattern cut and stitch has been thoughtfully considered to reduce stress on physical labor and waste. Aplat’s farm-to-factory approach is aligned with Cradle to Cradle, “a pathway toward the development of quality products.” Sewn by women in local factories, àplat is a sustainably made brand that follows a zero waste production strategy, uses 100% organic cotton, including hand-picked raw denim surplus from local factories.

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