Aplat Inc

Founding Member

Aplat is a zero waste design and manufacturing company creating simple, functional organic cotton products for chefs, connoisseurs and farm to table enthusiasts. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have shifted our usual business to help produce PPE masks for frontline workers and individuals in a time of incredible need. Aplat mask design pattern is free to download, open source for others to sew at home for their own families and community. #AplatMasks are machine washable and reusable, 100% organic cotton, and 100% biodegradable. Shujan Bertrand founder of Aplat, is an advocate for sustainable local manufacturing, supports local organic farms, food producers, and donates 1% of profits to environmental and non-profit organizations. Shujan uses the art of origami principles for zero waste design and manufacturing. Through Aplat, she hopes to grow awareness for responsible design, create new partnerships with sustainable companies and organizations who care about people and the planet.

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