Cool Treats for Cool Moms

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for the cool mom in your life? We got you covered. Cool moms know that buying high quality, sustainably made, locally crafted goods is where it’s at. Here are treats that are sure to make your cool mom happy.

Left: The ombré design’s faded effect on this Ombre + Fresh Flowers cake from Butter& has a mysteriously calming effect on all who behold it. Available in a choice of sizes and flavors, on light brown sugar cake. The design can be personalized with a script on the side.

Right: The “You Are Seriously Awesome Gift Box” from Wooden Table Baking Co. is the perfect gift. Includes Chocolate Alfajores, Rose Water Cookies, Dulce de Leche Cones, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Squares, Dulce de Leche Heart Shapes Bonbons, an Almond Butter Lollipop, and a greeting card!

Left: The Paulina Smock in upcycled denim from GDS Cloth Goods. Simple and modern, it’s narrow at chest and back with exposed sides and large pockets. Wear it inside as an apron or everywhere you go as an easy and stylish jumper dress. Available in seven sizes.

Right: The Ella Blouse from Yolotli is a unique and comfortable handmade piece. This soft, naturally vat-dyed Ahimsa silk blouse features a hand-embroidered heart. The fabric was dyed with cochineal in collaboration with Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep in a very limited production. The subtle color variations in this garment are characteristics of the environmentally friendly natural dyes used. The blouse is fully French seamed.

Left: Meyer LEMONPOP aperitif from Mommenpop is a limited edition, seasonal spring release made with single-harvest California Meyer Lemons. Exactly the kind of beverage you’ll want to drink on a warm evening in a lush garden. Blissfully scented with subtly sweet floral musk, a burst of Meyer lemon peel meets the beautiful, fresh herb: tarragon. Delicious poured with an extra large ice cube, or mixed with gin or vodka in one of your favorite classic cocktails.

Right: The 2021 ROSÉ from Aesop Wines is carefully made by hand from 100% Sangiovese grapes using minimal intervention techniques. Made in very small quantities for the spring and summer seasons ahead, this is a wonderful dry wine to keep on hand, chilled, for whenever the moment strikes you: with antipasti, cheeses, picnic lunches, light meals of fish or fowl or simply sometimes as the refreshing reset button after a long day.

Left: Handmade Magnolia fragrant fizz tablets from elizabethW are indulgently fun. Fill a tub with warm water and as you soak, drop in a tablet and watch it fizz. As the water softens, relax, ease tired muscles, and enjoy the sparkles. Packaged perfect for gift giving in a clear box with pink foils.

Right: Lavender + Mint Lip Balm from Earth Tu Face is a pure botanical lip balm formulated with plant compounds and bright cold-pressed organic oils to repair, nourish, and plump lips. Housed in natural seashell compacts, these are hand-poured in small batches at their apothecary.

Left: The Aromatics Bundle Two Piece Set from Aplat. Spring is the perfect season to enjoy all of Mother Earth’s bounties! Pair the delicious scent of a homemade dish with complementary floral scents for an aromatic dining experience. Al fresco or toted to a dinner party, this beautiful sustainable bundle will keep food upright and spill-free and your flowers cellophane free. Both totes are washable, reusable, and make a thoughtful gift for people who care for the planet. Purchase separately or save $20 for the bundle.

Right: Hand-dyed Curry Yellow Shibori Napkins from Equipe are versatile and multi-functional. They’re large enough to use as lap covering napkin or produce wrap, and pretty enough to wear as a scarf or bandana. Carefully hand folded, bound and dyed, each napkin is unique: regular geometric grids, mirrored triangles and floating orbs are some of the patterns produced. Reusable, colorful textiles!

Left: Paying homage to California’s wine country, Recchiuti Confections has developed the Red Wine Pairing Collection to elevate any wine night into a gourmet tasting experience. Open a Merlot, Shiraz, or Cabernet for complexities of flavor that pair perfectly with their truffles. When tasting, look for parallels in flavor and notice where the wine and chocolate complement each other. Includes Star Anise & Pink Peppercorn, Spring Jasmine Tea, and Force Noir truffles, along with pairing notes.

Right: Handmade bonbons from Mr. Dewie’s are a mini scoop of ice cream, covered in a shell of dark chocolate. Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, additive free, and vegan – they’re a perfect bite sized treat!

Left: The Lips Bag from Claflin, Thayer & Co. is a genuine leather lips-shaped bag available in a choice of colors in either large clutch size or small wallet size.

Right: The Perfect Pink Leather Tote from MONOLISA is simply elegant with beautiful soft pink leather and a stainless steel spring closure hardware element surrounded with the finest cut clear crystals. The timeless, handmade tote comes with a cotton dust bag.

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