Bryr Studio: Making a Sustainable Future

Our virtual exhibit for San Francisco Design Week, “Bay Area Made: Making a Sustainable Future” features 39 of our member companies sharing the sustainable practices they are implementing in their products and business operations. Bryr Studio makes handcrafted clogs out of wood and leather. In the excerpt below from the exhibit, they share their dedication to creating the best products with the best materials that are built to last. To view the full exhibit on the San Francisco Design Week website, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Bryr Studio was founded by Isobel Schofield in 2012. Our team of 10 creates hand-made clogs inspired by the West Coast lifestyle in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. Dedicated to the simple idea that the best products are made with the best materials, Bryr Clogs are constructed using the strongest, most supple American leathers and traditional European solid wood bases.


Materials & Ingredients

Bryr Clogs are made with natural materials including wood and leather. The bases of our clogs are carved from a solid block of lindenwood, and they are finished with a natural wood wax. Our leathers are manufactured in the United States by heritage tanneries, which adhere to the strictest EPA standards and practices.

Packaging & Delivery

Bryr ships clogs domestically as well as internationally. When possible, we also offer local pickup. We do our best to include minimal packaging while keeping our clogs safe. Most of our packaging materials are sourced from American companies, including some here in the Bay Area. Wherever possible, we use recycled or reusable materials.

Quality & Value

Our clogs are built to last. With proper care, Bryr clogs can be worn and enjoyed for many years. Lindenwood, for example, is strong and long lasting. As it is a natural material, it can be cleaned and re-waxed. It can also be fixed or re-soled, if needed, by a shoe-repair professional. Our leathers are the highest quality and most durable. An indirect benefit of using high-quality, natural materials is that our clogs form to the wearer’s feet. As such, they are comfortable and more likely to be worn. Lastly, we invest in our customer service and work closely with people to find the best size and fit. This contributes to more wear, less returns and less waste.

“We work with three US heritage tanneries, which are each over 100 years old. They use the most ecological manufacturing processes, and we’re proud to work with them.”

Waste Reduction

The primary way that we minimize waste is that our clogs are made to order. This means that we never produce items that end up in landfill. Additionally, any clogs that do not meet our high quality standards are put in our sample sale. To date, every pair of clogs we have produced has found a home. In our manufacturing methods, we are very focused on minimizing waste and we use all materials that meet our quality control standards. Any materials that cannot be used for first quality or second quality products are donated to local schools and organizations.

Local Supply Chains

We work with three US heritage tanneries, which are each over 100 years old. They use the most ecological manufacturing processes, and we’re proud to work with them. We also do our best to support local suppliers here in the Bay Area as much as possible for everyday items including but not limited to tools, shipping supplies, and cleaning supplies for our studio. Additionally, we recommend local cobblers to our customers when they need support caring for their clogs.

Energy Efficiency

We are not currently doing anything that is directly energy efficient. However, we do practice lean manufacturing. This way of working allows us to be as productive as possible while minimizing waste.


The most important way that Bryr is sustainable is our commitment to made-to-order production. In this way, we do not create products that are not wanted.

Goals & Aspirations

We continue to revisit our practices and look for ways to minimize waste. One project in particular that we plan to work on in the near future is redesigning our packaging and shipping to make it more sustainable and eco-conscious, while being functional and beautiful.

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