Susan R. Kirshenbaum Brings Life Drawing into the Digital Age

Susan R. Kirshenbaum is a San Francisco-based figurative artist whose expressive, gestural work reflects a fresh, contemporary perspective on the female form that captures a moment and reflects an intimacy with her subjects.

She grew up in a family of visual artists who started an art school, the Ivy School of Professional Art, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was encouraged early in life to pursue art. After a long hiatus, in 2016 she returned full-time to her passion for making art.

Working from a live model, Susan uses her iPad and stylus to add life drawings over a painted or collaged background. She then outputs the work onto fabric, paper or another substrate, or displays it as a digital work of art on a monitor.

Check out this captivating video to see her process in action.

View Susan’s profile here.

This post is an update; the original post ran on May 8, 2017.

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