Photo Story: A Day at Stinson Beach with Aesop Wines

Aesop is the project of winemaker Tres Goetting and creative director Matt Carvalho, working together to make small production wine in the Napa Valley that captures the pioneering spirit of California. Here they take a road trip to the coast sharing wine and conversation with friends.

A few days ago, we invited our friends Tobias and Lauren to spend the day with us at Stinson Beach. Excited for the road trip, we hopped in the car and made our way up the coast of California to one of our favorite locations along the Pacific Coast Highway.

“California is a feeling you know…,
it’s about being in the current moment.”

After being in the car for a little more than an hour, we had finally arrived at our destination. Excited for the moment, we quickly unpacked the car. We filled our baskets with fruit, cheese, crackers and wine and set forth down a path carved out in the grass. The weather was perfect. There was a gentle breeze from the west and the sun softly touched our skin.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now other than here.”

After we finally got settled in, we spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company and conversation over wine and light fare. Everything just slowed down and we were all completely focused on the moment. The coastal vegetation and views of the ocean set a perfect backdrop for the day. It’s days like this that we’re proud to have such amazing friends to share the wine we make with.

Photography by Jordan Vouga

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