Sinto Gourmet LLC

Sinto Gourmet was founded in 2010 in San Francisco by 
Hyunjoo Albrecht, an immigrant from South Korea. 
She started with $8,500 in her pocket and Kimchi recipes 
she inherited from her grandmother, who is from 
North Korea but escaped to South Korea during the Korean War. Sinto is known to make the best authentic Kimchi and Gochu Jang from scratch. Their products can be found all over the U.S.

The name “Sinto” comes from an old saying 
in Korea “Sinto Buri” which means 
”Your body and spirit are at their best 
when eating foods grown in good soil”. The Sinto logo was inspired by 
the Lotus Flower Stairway leading 
to The Temple of Abode Land 
in a famous Buddhist temple in Korea.
(415) 694-0832