Rough Linen

Founding Member

Based in California, Rough Linen is a maker of timeless, elemental household linens and clothing. The company was founded by Tricia Rose after stumbling upon an heirloom linen pillowslip in her grandmother’s Scottish cottage. “Orkney” is the cornerstone of the brand – pure linen, with nubs, slubs, and even slivers of hay – just like the true homespun linen of the antique pillowslip. Tricia started with items for the home: first bedding, then table and kitchen linens, and curtains. She has since added light and mid-weight linens for diverse uses in her expanding line.
The complete home linen collection, true to the pared-down aesthetic that inspired it, is sewn in Marin, in a bright, airy workshop just a block from the waters of San Francisco Bay. Each item is handcrafted in-house: cut to the thread by hand for accuracy, then the edges are folded as precisely as origami before sewing so the seaming is exact.
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