Millie | Lottie

Founding Member

Go from farm to table and beyond in stylish and unique Millie | Lottie totes. These chic bags include a light cutting board on bottom, enabling you to effortlessly carry everything from pies to Pinot, along with room for anything else you need. Locally produced in San Francisco by Jan Hammock, this line of luxurious bags and wraps are designed for fashionable modern moms, good cooks, and anyone who wants to share food in style.

I’m a San Francisco-based mother, photographer and entrepreneur whose taste for smart style and home cooking are reflected in my original, chic and highly functional designs for totes and wraps. My products come to you directly from my dreams. Company named after two strong women, my mom Mildred | Aunt Lottie Gray. The family tree continues in the names of individual totes.

My products reflect the consciousness of my footprint, working to minimize packaging, carefully recycling/composting and reducing waste. I divert my budget to support local farmers, makers and retail stores.

Living an sustainably inspired life informs my design, production and the very nature of my reusable products. Materials are sourced in the U.S. Team members are within two miles of my studio. Our patterns and cutting leave minimal waste. Left-over leather inspires new designs. I am never satisfied, always looking for new ways to improve.

Millie | Lottie is a member of The Good Food Guild, undergoing a rigorous vetting process to meet strict standards, successfully diverting dollars towards conscious food makers.