Marine Layer

Founding Member

The day after my girlfriend threw away my favorite shirt I started working on Marine Layer. To be fair, she wasn’t crazy or anything…it was definitely on its last legs (the shirt, not Kelly).

I wanted to recreate a shirt that would feel like my old favorite from day 1, so I wouldn’t have to worry about anybody taking liberties with my closet + a trash can. It took me over a year to perfect a custom fabric, so I convinced my best friend Adam to join me. After we made our first real batch of tees, we realized we needed something to transport them. So we did what any sane business would do: We bought a ’69 VW bus.

Since then, we’ve gotten a bunch of friends to quit their jobs and help us make some clothes. Together, we’ve built a brand around absurdly soft shirts that are perfect for a 7-day weekend kinda lifestyle.

Visit one of our stores in fun towns across the country.
(844) 544-5199