Maral Rapp | Modern Vintage Mesh Works

Drawn to the flashy, fluid metal of Mid Century and Art Deco mesh purses, Maral Rapp was inspired to incorporate the iconic bags in a more wearable, contemporary style with the creation of her singular, metal mesh jewelry. Working from her Oakland, California studio, she presents swatches of the reclaimed mesh as small jewels, as artifact, rich in history yet decidedly modern. Detailed with precious metals, the resulting works offer this storied material in a fresh, accessible, and ultimately more personal way—delivering slinky, flashing gems that glow in the lowest of light.

Metal mesh from estate sales and antique dealers is cleaned, deconstructed, and re-engineered. Framed Mesh necklaces draw lines of dark oxidized sterling silver chain, soldered around the borders of gold mesh elements. Colorful earrings of rare, enamel mesh, hand-painted in the early 1900s, are suspended from hand-hammered armatures. Detailing is minimal, focusing attention on the form of the piece and the inherent beauty of the vintage materials.