The Local Foods Wheel

The Local Foods Wheel is a beautifully designed and illustrated, 12-inch, full-color, interactive chart that shows what foods are being grown, raised, caught, harvested, preserved, foraged, or otherwise produced within a specific region.

We make wheels for the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, the Upper Midwest, the Northeast, the Northwest and soon the Rocky Mountain Region.

The top of each wheel illustrates foods that are available year-round; it turns to reveal foods printed on the bottom of the wheel, which are available seasonally. On the back of each wheel is a seasonality reference. The information on the wheels was collected through extensive research (including countless conversations with farmers, ranchers, and fishermen!) by local foods experts.

The wheels and their lovely packages are printed on FSC certified card stock by a printer in the Bay Area. The Local Foods Wheel (a labor of love) is created by Maggie Gosselin, Sarah Klein, and Jessica Prentice. We are three women on a mission to connect people with local foods and food traditions.