Laura Lienhard

Laura Lienhard founded her jewelry studio after a successful career in textile design, turning her highly trained eye from the patterns of the loom toward reclaimed gold, silver, and shibuichi. Her pieces are inspired by forms and textures she observes in nature, the inherent wisdom and beauty in imperfections, and a reverence for the art of antiquity.
An unexpected hole or the texture in a fragmented shell is often the starting point for a pendant or a ring. Ancient patterns embossed into metal infuse an elemental richness to a bracelet. Individually fabricated links of chain connect the wild with the refined. Laura’s jewelry represents the transformation of nature’s raw beauty into personal expressions of elegance.
Laura has a BFA in Textile Design and an MFA in Industrial Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design. She has attended intensive metals workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and most recently Alchimia Jewelry School in Florence Italy. She works from her studio in Sausalito, California.
+1 (415) 419-7356