Alameda Fruit Co.

The Alameda Fruit Co. specializes in homemade preserves and marmalades using seasonal produce grown on the island of Alameda. Made in small batches with unique flavor profiles, all jams are available for pick up off the front porch or via delivery on the island.

The Alameda Fruit Co. was conceived by the “Marmalade Mamas,” aka Jenn Doyle Crane and Andrea Leal. Their friendship jelled several years ago as they discovered a shared interest in exploring the many uses for the abundant citrus and fruit found in their own Alameda backyards as well as those of their generously endowed rind rich neighbors. As “Margarita Fridays” morphed into “Marmalade Mondays,” huge piles of fruit began to fill an increasing number of jars, and the Alameda Fruit Co. was born.

Along with a desire to bring together community through food, this endeavor is a perfect blend of a shared love of cooking and creating, utilizing locally grown produce as their inspiration.