Fashion Designer Lesley Evers’ #LErealwomenproject Celebrates the Real Women That Wear Her Clothes

Fashion designer Lesley Evers was born in Oakland. In second grade her family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. When she was eleven she started sewing, and has loved making dresses ever since. Although she really wanted to go to fashion school, she attended the University of Pennsylvania (at her mother’s insistence) where she studied Architecture and Art History.

Lesley now lives back in Oakland with her husband and two teenage boys, where she operates her eponymous fashion label and stores. All her clothes are made in Oakland factories just a short distance from her flagship store in the Rockridge neighborhood, something she is very proud of.

She is also very proud of the connections and friendships she has made with the customers who wear her clothes. In 2012 she made the decision to forego her wholesale accounts, open her own store, and sell direct to them. She has never looked back.

To celebrate these connections and friendships she started #LErealwomenproject – photo shoots of the real women who wear her clothes. Here are some highlights.

Libby Schaaf

Libby is the Mayor of Oakland.

Alison Stewart

Alison is an author, reporter and news anchor for the PBS Newshour.

Kat Nouri

Kat is the founder of Stasher, award-winning makers of environmentally safe alternatives to plastic bags.

Annie Campbell Washington

Annie is the Oakland City Councilmember for District 4.

Kim Thompson

Kim is a lawyer at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Kellie McElhaney

Kellie is a professor at UC Berkeley HAAS school of Business and the author of Just Good Business.

Michele Pred

Michele is a conceptual artist and feminist.

Ayelet Waldman

Ayelet is a New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Meghan Kelly

Meghan is the Chief People Officer at Lucky Brand.

Britt Dione

Britt is a brand guru and writer.

Amelia Plumb

Amelia is a photographer.

Natalie Figueroa

Natalie is a graphic designer and sales associate at Lesley Evers.

Teresa Garcia

Teresa is a language instructor.

Freya Prowe

Freya is a visual artist and painter.

Photography: Amelia Plumb

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