Bay Area Made: The Locally Crafted Home

Thanks to everyone who attended our “Bay Area Made: The Locally Crafted Home” installation, a curated loft-like open plan living space with a bedroom, dining room, lounge, studio, and patio showcasing products from 36 of the Bay Area’s finest makers including furniture, lighting, ceramics, art, accessories, and body products – illustrating how they can work together, and how you can live with them. The installation was hosted by member company Gantri in their awesome San Francisco SOMA studio for San Francisco Design Week. We hope you enjoy the following collection of images!

Bedroom: “Water Finds A Way” Wall Hanging, Botanical Throw & Pillows, JG Classic Blanket by JG Switzer; Colossal Round Side Table & Drinks Table, Tres Mirror, Moto Chair by Medium Small; Squish Table Light, Noah Floor Light by Gantri; Tusk Candles, Erode Soap by Ume Studio; Lunar Demilune Table by Confluence Furniture; Elio Lamp by soft-geometry; Posture Bra by Etalon; Perfume Candle, Eau de Parfum, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Hand and Body Lotion, Eye Pillow by elizabethW; Hair Sticks, Multi Ebb Necklace, Cardium Parlour Chair by YMSF; Industrial Felt Table/Stool by Jason Lees Design; Poncho by entrelanas designs; Biophilic Living Wall by Biome.

Dining Room: Dining Table, Cutting Boards, Rolling Pins by Good Wood; Standard Mariposa Dining Chairs by FYRN; Firlefanz Table Runner, Haus Table Runner & Napkins by Yolotli; Progress Plates & Bowl, Onyx XL Fruit Bowl by MMclay; Large Pitcher, Salt & Pepper Shakers by Heath Ceramics; Plat Dish Tote, Couvre-Plat Bowl Cover, Poche Baguette Sac by Aplat; Real Food Dressing, Flower Petal Salt by Farmhouse Lab; Arch Cabinet by JOHI; Blue Jar, Face Bowl, Garden Vase by BluePlate; Gallery Clamp Light by Gantri; Riley Round Stoneware Platter by Len Carella.

Patio: Solis Adirondack Chair & Ottoman by Model No; Hugo Tables, Terrazzo Tables, Bulb Planter by Concreteworks; Plaza Tray & Single Stem Vase in Landscape by Heath Ceramics; Handleless Pitcher, Tray, Whiskey Cups & Small Planter by MMclay; Candles, Incense by Juniper Ridge.

Lounge: Parquet Table by Jason Lees Design; Cage Vase by SKINNY; Esker Chair & Ottoman by Model No; Modus Console, Shelf, Speakers by Good Wood; Round Demi Pierced Bowl by Lynne Meade; Zabuton Sofa, Tusk Candle, Concrete Bowl by Ume Studio; Tea by Juniper Ridge; Inkblot Whiskey/Tea Cups by MMclay; Colossal Coffee Table, Tres Side Table by Medium Small; Perfume Diffuser by elizabethW; Edge Dominos by Fire Road; Summer Seasonal Plaza Tray Set by Heath Ceramics; Lunar Side Table by Confluence Furniture; Macaron Table Light, Analog Floor Light by Gantri; Botanical Floor Cushion by JG Switzer; Moss Clump Mats by Yvonne Mouser.

Studio: Kamehana Writing Desk by JOHI; Mingei Side Chair by Confluence Furniture; Henge Bookend by Ume Studio; Field Trip Table Light, Figra Table Light by Gantri; Dopp Kit, LV Tote, Kingsley Backpack, Sculpted Leather Flower Vase by Ian James; Exfoliating Bath Bar, Beard Oil, Charcoal Face Scrub, Aftershave Balm, Shave Gel by Heliotrope San Francisco; Tapestry Wall Hanging, Woven Basket, Glass Vases by SKINNY; “Margot and Monty” artwork by Local Language; Gromeo Mini Living Wall by Habitat Horticulture; Molecule by soft-geometry; Babette Pierced Tabletop Sculpture by Lynne Meade; Plane Wall Shelf & Hook by Fire Road; Sculpture No 7 by Len Carella; Jardin Bouquet Tote by Aplat; Letterpress by The Aesthetic Union; Coffee by CONTRABAND COFFEE; Onyx Pitcher, Tray, and Cups by MMclay; Hanging Trays by Yvonne Mouser; Geometric Paper Embroideries by Yolotli; Moto Chair by Medium Small; Tavla No. 1 Backgammon Set by Pazar.

Installation curated and styled by Jason Lees. Photos by Medium Small, Gantri, and Bay Area Made.                                 

Participating Bay Area Made member companies:

The Aesthetic Union                       





Confluence Furniture                     

CONTRABAND COFFEE               

elizabethW San Francisco 

entrelanas designs             


Farmhouse Lab                               

Fire Road                                          



Good Wood                                     

Habitat Horticulture            

Heath Ceramics                              

Heliotrope San Francisco  

Ian James                                         

Jason Lees Design             

JG Switzer                                        


Juniper Ridge                                  

Len Carella                                       

Local Language                              

Lynne Meade Ceramics                 

Medium Small                                 


Model No.                                        




Ume Studio                                      



yvonne mouser                    

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