Bay Area Made Mix v.5: Punky Love

Every so often an artistic style comes along that shakes things up and changes the landscape. Emerging as a musical and cultural force in the mid-1970s, Punk was one such game changer. Originating primarily in the US and UK, Punk’s influence was vast, spreading worldwide and spawning numerous music styles including post-punk, new wave, indie rock, industrial, noise rock, and grunge.

What does Punk have to do with being a maker? A lot, it turns out. Being a maker is Punk – not necessarily in aesthetics, but in spirit. At heart, Punk is about authenticity, honesty, rejecting norms and systems that aren’t working, getting back to basics, independence, and a DIY ethos – traits we see over and over in our maker community.

Above: Images from the installation by industrial designer Konstantin Grcic at Appartement No 50 in the Le Corbusier designed modernist apartment block Citee Radieuse in Marseille, France. The wall art is a blown up image from an original punk fanzine.

For Valentines Day in these times when things really need shaking up, here is a playlist of Punk and Punk-inspired songs about love (and lust) that are raw, edgy, direct, passionate, saucy, and darkly funny.

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