• Workspace: An Interview with Alana Rivera of Etta + Billie

    Talking shop and making a batch of soap with the San Francisco soap maven.

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  • Valentines: Red or Blue, We've Got Just the Thing for You

    A Gift Guide and Blue Valentines Playlist.

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  • Andreas and Citabria Ozzuna of Wooden Table Baking Share Some Favorite Spots Around Their Uptown Oakland CafĂ©

    Friends, neighbors, community.

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  • Keep it Clean & Fresh in 2020

    Overcome election year stench with these body & bath products.

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  • Kimberly Austin on Evoking Time and Place Through Hand-Crafted Ephemera

    An interview with the San Francisco letterpress printer and candle maker on her muses and inspiration.

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Maker Spotlight

Phoenix Day

Phoenix Day

San Francisco. Established 1850

Phoenix Day is among the few leading manufactures of high quality, handcrafted lighting fixtures in the country whose product is made entirely in the United States.

Established in San Francisco in 1850, Phoenix Day is proud to be considered the 6th oldest continually operating business from San Francisco, and has remained family-owned and operated by direct descendants of their original founders.


Good Business

Stella Fluorescent’s Enlightened Vision for Sustainability

Tiersa Nureyev of the San Francisco jewelry and accessories studio shares their “Sustainability Standards”.

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Neighborhood Guide

A Guide to San Rafael from the Women behind Rough Linen

Founder Tricia Rose and CEO Daiva Finell share some of their favorite spots.

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Neighborhood Guide

An Insiders Guide to Sausalito from Tracey Kessler

The designer, artist, and maker shares her favorite spots.

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Where Craft Meets Innovation: Design Showcase Recap

A staged loft-like living space featuring the best of local home & garden design

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Workspace: Corey Egan in Berkeley

The jeweler shares photos of her new studio, and the story of her hunt to find it.

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Guest Blogger, Inspiration

Lessons from Fyrn that Every Creator Can Emulate

Practical tips for growth from the San Francisco chair makers.

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    Spice Mama

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