• Spring Fashion: Stylish Homebodies

    Locally made apparel that is the perfect fit for these times.

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  • How Artist Carissa Potter of People I’ve Loved Captures Our Hearts and the Human Condition

    A photo essay and interview with the Oakland-based artist and investigator of human intimacy.

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  • 02 Artisans Aggregate: A Sustainable Business Community That’s Home to Juniper Ridge

    Emily Grossman of the wild crafted perfume makers tells us about their innovative maker community in Oakland.

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  • From Fabric to Metal: The Evolving Patterns of Designer Annie Kantor

    The former textile designer and founder of Modern Metal, shares her path from designing patterns for fabric to metal.

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  • Making it Work Together: Watchmaker John McConnico and Fashion Designer Kristina Lacson McConnico on Sharing a Creative Life

    The couple behind Bespoke Watch Projects and Lacson Ravello on the inevitability of becoming independent makers.

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Maker Spotlight

Lutz Art Design

Lutz Art Design


Lutz Hornischer creates sculptures and wall art inspired by nature, life and the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood he uses. He enjoys the challenge of transforming an old and rustic material such as reclaimed redwood into contemporary sculptures and fine art.

His art shows that sustainability and re-use of material is not just a necessity, but a beautiful and inspiring part of our existence and future.


Interview, Workspace

Workspace: An Interview with Alana Rivera of Etta + Billie

Talking shop and making a batch of soap with the San Francisco soap maven.

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How to

Keep it Clean & Fresh in 2020

Overcome election year stench with these body & bath products.

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Good Business

Stella Fluorescent’s Enlightened Vision for Sustainability

Tiersa Nureyev of the San Francisco jewelry and accessories studio shares their “Sustainability Standards”.

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Neighborhood Guide

A Guide to San Rafael from the Women behind Rough Linen

Founder Tricia Rose and CEO Daiva Finell share some of their favorite spots.

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Neighborhood Guide

An Insiders Guide to Sausalito from Tracey Kessler

The designer, artist, and maker shares her favorite spots.

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Where Craft Meets Innovation: Design Showcase Recap

A staged loft-like living space featuring the best of local home & garden design

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    Ebb Filter

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