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Maker Spotlight

FOUND by Bashford Design

FOUND by Bashford Design

San Francisco

FOUND by Bashford Design transforms vintage furniture and home decor into unique pieces for interesting people.

Among the thousands of tons of furniture our society takes to landfill every day, there are some pieces that are innately interesting or beautiful. FOUND “reimagines” and transforms these items in their San Francisco workshop, making them fresh and vibrant, ready for their next adventure in someone’s home.

Are you looking to have something custom made?

Our Bay Area Made community includes skilled makers and artisans who can create made-to-order goods such as furniture, lighting, decor, kitchen & tabletop, clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories, food, beverages, and body products.



Bay Area Made Mix v.9: Spaced Out

A soundtrack for stargazing and dreaming of infinite possibilities.

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Gift Guide, Good Business

Gift Guide: Home is Where the Heart is

Beautiful, high-quality, locally crafted goods to love up any home.

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How to, Inspiration

Jewelry Designer Tiersa Nureyev of Stella Fluorescent Shares Their Materials-Driven Process

Curiosity, a desire to innovate, and a myriad of questions.

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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade: Part 4

Makers show-and-tell their favorite tools.

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Highlights of our Bay Area Made Workspaces Exhibit for SF Design Week

A look behind the scenes of 25+ maker companies.

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Inside Stories: Products, Works and Custom Designs in Spaces, Part 4

A roundup of spaces showcasing Bay Area Made members’ works.

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Bay Area Made Workspaces: Studios, Workshops & Factories

Bay Area Made Workspaces: Studios, Workshops & Factories

This online exhibit for San Francisco Design Week showcases the studios, workshops, and factories where Bay Area Made member companies make everything from home & garden, apparel & accessories, food & beverage, and body & bath products. You will also learn about the products they make, the tools and materials they use, and their making process.

We hope this look behind the scenes gives you a greater understanding and appreciation of what goes into making high quality products – and inspires you to support your local makers.

The Mix


  • Juniper Ridge
    Juniper Ridge
  • Fyrn
  • Manos by Concreteworks
    Manos by Concreteworks
  • Blue Plate
    Blue Plate
  • Ape Do Good Screen Printing
    Ape Do Good Screen Printing

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