• Susan R. Kirshenbaum Brings Life Drawing into the Digital Age

    Watch the artist create dynamic works on her iPad.

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  • Corey Egan's Guide to Precious Metals

    Insight from the San Francisco jeweler on how to choose your metal.

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  • Concreteworks is Shaping the Future of Concrete

    Founder Mark Rogero on how technological advances have enabled innovative designs and applications for concrete.

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  • Be Well in 2018

    Products from these Bay Area makers can help you achieve a healthy mind and body.

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Sweet Resolutions for 2018

Make a resolution to eat delicious sweets from these Bay Area makers and feel good about it.

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Oakland Designer Rachel Konte of OwlNWood on Finding Her Style, And Helping You Find Yours

The small batch designer and owner of one of Oakland’s favorite boutiques shares why she loves designing for comfort and simplicity.

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Brittany Davis Camps and Cooks Her Way Through Patagonia with Her Newly Designed Travel Knife Case

The Oakland leathercrafter behind Brass + Blade designed a travel knife case for her wilderness trip to southern Chile and Argentina.

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